offers a conduit for the energetic body to concentrate positive intention and healing power to the physical body. In order to receive healing, you must allow it. We offer Reiki as a healing positive energy therapy that all may access. For many, Reiki is a method of allowing stress carried within the physical body to leave, replacing it with unconditional love, warmth, and acceptance.

With the lightest touch
Or even from a far away distance, the Reiki practitioner becomes a loving instrument of positive, purposeful, healing energy that the recipient feels as radiant warmth that envelops the body, the emotions, and the spirit creating feelings of deep inner peace, security and well being.  This feeling of deep inner peace is actually our own life force energy awakened to our own natural healing power.

There is a part of us that is not physical and not emotional, yet very powerful….perhaps even more powerful than our physical and emotional bodies put together…

Our energetic bodies
Are what some may call our life essence, our immortal soul, or our connection to God or the Universal Source. The energy that courses through our physical bodies animates us and “makes” us who we are. We each have an energy field, or aura, which supports body functions and constantly fluctuates with our emotions.

Waterland-(80-of-90)Each of us is a completely unique individual
Comprised of unique thoughts, mannerisms, beliefs and opinions. That thought is staggering when we take into account that this doesn’t only apply to the people in the world today, but to all people throughout time! We are all unique and yet we are also all connected to one another and to our Source, whatever you believe the Source may be.  This connection allows us to channel beneficial healing influence across those energy fields to each other if we allow healing to happen. The facilitation of this energy flow for healing is called Reiki.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese tradition
So named because of it’s definition; Rei (energy) and Ki  (life force). It is practiced by a certified Reiki practitioner or a Reiki Master Teacher.  A Reiki session consists of a quiet, meditative healing connection of the practitioner’s positive life force energy with your own positive life force energy.The receiver lies fully- clothed on the massage table while the practitioner passes healing energy through his or her hands to the receiver’s chakra centers. With the lightest touch, a profound inner calm is promoted in both the practitioner and the receiver. The receiver’s role is to allow his or her own spiritual center to access that healing energy for the needs of his or her own physical and spiritual bodies.

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