Reiki Classes

No special background or credentials are needed to receive training
However, Reiki must be learned and passed from teacher to student. It cannot be self-taught because the essence of Reiki is handed down in the form of attunements. The specific techniques taught, however, can vary greatly and do vary according to what resonates with the Reiki Master/ Teacher.

Training in Traditional Usui Reiki
Has three degrees, or levels, each focusing on a different aspect of practice. Each level includes one or more attunements, which are also sometimes called empowerments. Receiving an attunement is believed to activate the ability to access Reiki energy.

Your Reiki Master/ Teacher
will provide you with a Certificate of Completion when a level has been completed. You must complete the lower level before moving on to the next level and it is your choice to move on or not.

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki
You may wish to sign up for a Reiki Introduction Class that explains more about the history and evolution of Reiki. This class is meant to provide a broad overview of this healing modality, with time for questions and answers and a personal evaluation so that you can decide if Reiki would be beneficial to you where you are in your journey.

Reiki Introduction
Topics include practice, uses, effects, safety, training and certification for Reiki.

We offer Reiki Levels I-III  Workshops On a sign-up basis  Once we have enough people for a class, we will send out an email with possible workshop dates, and after reaching consensus we will send out the finalized class date and a request for the appropriate workshop fee.  Reiki Level I is required before moving on to successive levels.

Reiki Level I
Is about learning to use Reiki energy with family and friends, to complete a period of self-healing using Reiki, and to allow you time to get used to feeling the energy. Learn More

Reiki Level II
Teaches how to send long distance healing via an energy “bridge” and promotes the student to a Reiki practitioner if there is a desire to provide healing for others. Learn More

Reiki Level III
Is both an honor and a responsibility. As a Reiki Master/Teacher, both healing and teaching Reiki to others and passing along the attunements are anticipated. Learn More

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