Reiki Level 1

Reiki workshops Will be presented at our office in a very comfortable, casual atmosphere. Please come with love and acceptance in your heart ~ with no judgment, no prejudice, and no specific religious doctrines. We will have fun, enjoy each other’s company, answer all questions, and learn from each other!

Reiki Level 1 (Rokyu) Workshop (9-Hour / One Day) $150
In this introductory class, we will learn about the origins of Reiki in Japan, how it was brought to America by a traditional Japanese Reiki Master named Mrs. Hawayo Takata, and how Western culture has influenced the system.  The Reiki Level I Workshop deepens your knowledge of the history and practice of Reiki and inducts the student into the first level of Reiki by receiving the first attunement. During Reiki Level I class, first degree attunement symbols are passed on to each student by the Master / Teacher.  The attunements activate and align important energy centers in the body, allowing your own natural healing energy to be channeled.  Students are taught how work with this healing energy, how to do self-treatment and how to treat others.

Reiki Level I Training- Class Objectives

  • Introduction to Reiki in the Western tradition including its history and evolution from traditional Japanese culture
  • Learn to relax, feel centered and confident
  • Develop your intuitive sense
  • The Five Reiki Principles- Dr. Usui developed the five principles for his practice of Reiki. Learn how they can help you with Reiki and everyday life
  • The Seven Major Chakras and the Aura Field- Understand the chakra system which are the major energy centers in the physical body and the aura field which is the energy field surrounding the physical body. Learn the effects of these energies on the body both emotionally and physically
  • Learn how attunement gently opens the energy centers in the body called “chakras” and how these chakras can be channeled and balanced to send healing energy to you and to others
  • Learn how Reiki heals and promotes healing in yourself, family and friends
  • Learn basic meditation and its companionship with Reiki in a simple, relaxing exercise for self treatment
  • Receive the Reiki Level I attunement and understand the role of the attunement
  • Learn the Reiki Level I attunement symbols , their Western tradition meanings and their use
  • Learn to practice Reiki Level I treatment using basic hand positions and practice sessions for self treatment and treatment of others
  • Hands- on Reiki session practice- Learn how to give a Reiki healing. We will demonstrate with a volunteer so that you can see what a treatment should look like and then you will get a chance to practice for yourself
  • Self healing using Reiki energy- Progressing forward on your life path requires allowing the healing of past and present issues in your life. Reiki provides a great opportunity for this period of self-healing, just as Dr. Usui completed during his Reiki journey
  • The Light Invocation- Learn to bring forward the pure energy of the Universal Source for use in focusing healing attention wherever it is needed. The practitioner will not necessarily know where the healing is needed, but the Light does
  • Upon completion of Reiki Level I attunement workshop, you will receive a Reiki Level I Certificate of Completion

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