Reiki Level 2

Reiki workshops Will be presented at our office in a very comfortable, casual atmosphere. Please come with love and acceptance in your heart ~ with no judgment, no prejudice, and no specific religious doctrines. We will have fun, enjoy each other’s company, answer all questions, and learn from each other!strong>Reiki Level II (Gokyu) Workshop (9-Hour / One Day) $250

Reiki Level II workshop will expand your understanding of Reiki and expand your Reiki abilities. Energy flow will be increased and you may realize higher vibrational healing energies than experienced in the first level of attunement. Those attuned to Reiki Level II may give Reiki treatments to others professionally. We will learn about Reiki distance healing which allows the Reiki practitioner to channel healing energies through a “bridge” between the sender and the receiver with no concern to the distance between them.

Reiki Level II Training- Class Objectives

  • Review of Reiki Level I teachings and techniques- Recap of the symbols from Reiki Level I to encourage comprehension of the symbols in order to practice Reiki
  • Introduction to “distance healing” in terms of its meaning in the Western tradition of Reiki and how it is applied
  • Learn to release negative emotions and unwanted habits in order to access a deeper level of healing
  • Understand how we can heal our past and present and affect our future by sending Reiki to ourselves
  • Learn to help others professionally and gain confidence as a Reiki practitioner
  • Our pets can benefit from Reiki too. Learn to develop a Reiki bond with your pets
  • Receive the Reiki Level II attunement and understand the role of the attunement
  • Learn the Reiki Level II attunement symbols, their Western tradition meanings and their use. These symbols add extra dimension to your healing as you progress to practitioner level. Learn about them both on a practical level and on a spiritual level through a guided meditation
  • Review Chakra centers and how they relate to Level II attunement
  • Advice and guidance on becoming a professional Reiki practitioner
  • Hands- on Reiki session practice
  • Upon completion of Reiki Level II attunement workshop, you will receive a Reiki Level II Certificate of Completion

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