Reiki FAQ

What are Chakra centers?
‘Chakra’ comes from an ancient Sanskrit word ‘chakram’, meaning circle or wheel. Chakras may be best described as energy doorways in the body that draw in, process, and distribute life force energy; also known as chi or prana. There are seven major chakras which control the health of specific areas of the body. Chakras are aligned along the midline of the body and at the palms of both hands. As each chakra is given healing energy from the practitioner, the chakra doorway opens and the healing energy flows through the receiver’s meridians, or energy pathways.

What is an attunement?
Attunements are given by the Reiki Master Teacher to students.  An attunement is a passing of the sacred symbols of Reiki healing to the Reiki student.

What are Reiki Levels?
There are three levels to attain in the Reiki system. The first level opens chakras and increases the student’s ability to receive and direct healing Reiki energy within the body. Level I Reiki students are asked not to pass the symbols to anyone else; they are sacred and meant only for other Reiki students. Level II passes the Reiki attunement for Distance Healing on to the student and the student learns to practice Reiki for the benefit of others.  Again, the level of energy recognition increases exponentially within the student. Level III passes the Master Teacher symbol on to the student who now acknowledges the responsibility to teach others the practice of Reiki and provides the new Master Teacher with a profound level of understanding of energetic healing and spiritual centering.

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