Waterland Wellness Values


From a desire to help others and reciprocate the compassion and healing energies we have received from others, we offer a gift of centering and balance with our own healing energies. Healing touch has a positive holistic effect on the mind and body. It is our intent to promote wellness through holistic healing therapies for all ages and to blend in positive energy so that you leave feeling better than when you arrived.


We offer an array of holistic healing therapies as a respite from daily stresses, for injury relief and as a pathway for you to discover your own healing power. The rock on which these services are offered is based on clear boundaries for the therapist and for the client and the trust relationship that is thus created and protected.


We all believe in the sacredness of life, and in the value of each individual regardless of race, religion, age, or creed. Life is a vast series of cycles, from the miniscule to the limitless. All living and non-living things reside in the continuum of these cycles; also called the Circle of Life. We honor and respect all of our places on the Circle. We offer you a special place where you can get away for awhile, where life gets a bit slower and simpler. Imagine the twilight of a beautiful day in Des Moines as warm breezes gently shoo away the sunlight and the day begins to draw to a close. A blanket of dusk settles over the sky washing it with the vibrant colors of sunset that give way to the deepest blue sky. The water below is dancing with a silver shimmer as the waves gently wash ashore. They whisper ’till we meet again’ at the dawn of a brand new day…that kind of slower and that kind of simpler. This special place is Waterland Wellness.

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Waterland Wellness
22014 7th Avenue South, Suite 105
Des Moines, WA 98198

Hours Monday to Friday by appointment only

(206) 824-1441 Office

Leanne Kuhlman, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Reiki Master / Teacher
email: waterlandwellness@gmail.com

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