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“You CAN Feel Better!”

Leanne_smallIt has been a few years now since I began my practice. I have learned a great deal about bodywork and holistic healing therapies and how to improve my own overall health, outlook and vigor. I have a good foundation in understanding what it is to be a bodywork and holistic healing therapies client because I have been one for the majority of my adult life. I was born with, and have lived with, imbalance in my skeletal and myofascial (muscles and connective tissue) systems. In fact, without regular alternative holistic healing therapies, I probably could never have become a bodyworker. From the perspective of a client, I know the benefits and because I have this intimate understanding, I am delighted to be able to share this with others and to let you know that your health can improve!  You CAN feel better! Some of the issues that I have experienced include recurring headaches, back and hip pain (both muscular and tendon), and tension due to stress.  My congenital structural scoliosis could have crippled me at a very young age, but I chose to be proactive and find my own balance with natural treatments. I find relief in treatment massage, the infrared sauna and my gradual change to a plant-based diet. I find my usual aches are much less severe, and my overall mood improves as my function improves with regular treatment.  I am so happy to be able to share this gift with you and look forward to meeting you!  Please explore this website and find out about all of the holistic healing therapies we offer.

Leanne graduated from Massage Connection-School of Natural Healing, Tacoma, Washington.

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“Let FOOD be your MEDICINE”

My name is Sasha Brown aSash_biond I am a Raw Foods Chef. I have been passionate about the experience of rejuvenation resulting from a shift to a natural diet since experimentation led to the healing of my own health issues. Beginning in my late teenage years, and almost entirely through college, I dealt with the consequences of unknown food sensitivies/allergies on a daily basis: Acne and dry skin, inability to lose weight, frequent “colds,” lack of motivation, anxiety and depression, hypothyroidism, a borderline eating disorder, and general fatigue were ongoing complaints that conventional Medical Doctors and therapists provided only short-term help with. After discovering the notion of a “raw food diet,” my research intensified. As I began to cut out dairy, meat, and gluten from my diet, and replacing these items with almond and nut milks, smoothies, grains, seeds, fruits, and vegetables, I became extremely inspired to share this information with others. After graduating Washington State University in 2008 with a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and a minor in Psychology, I sought out a job with Seattle’s first raw food restaurant, “Thrive.” In addition to being involved in various fundraising galas and events, I was trained in the kitchen, learning how to prepare Thrive’s full raw menu as well as being given the opportunity to teach raw classes such as, “smoothies 101,” “dehydrating 101,” etc. As my contacts and knowledge within the raw community grew, I desired to finesse my food prep skills by seeking an internship with respected raw chef, Adam Lewis, the current owner of “House of the Sun” in Bellevue, WA. Over the course of this time period, I gained further experience by participating and hosting various raw catering events, and creating a four session, “Health Revitalization Course” aimed at helping people make the transition to a high raw diet. This background has led to my current goal of providing people with education, tools, and resources which will support self sustainability and conscious choices. In our day and age it is more important now than ever to become empowered with accurate health related information that can dramatically effect how we function and feel on a day to day basis. I believe that a life of vitality and radiance is a reality we are all meant to live, and I am passionate about inspiring, educating, and supporting individuals on this path!

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